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Welcome to SAF/SQ - The Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Space Acquisition and Integration

The Assistant Secretary for Space Acquisition and Integration (ASAF/SQ) reports directly to the Secretary of the Air Force, serves as the senior architect for space systems and programs across the Department of Defense, and is the Department of the Air Force Service Acquisition Executive (SAE) for space systems and programs.

HAF Mission Directive 1-17:  Assistant Secretary of the Air Force (Space Acquisition and Integration)


Leads synchronization and acquisition of Department of the Air Force space systems and programs to advance integration and promote unity of effort with other national security, civil, and commercial space capabilities; guides efficient Department of Defense investments; and drives delivery of combat-ready space capabilities to the Joint Force at the speed of relevance


Trusted focal point for strategic-level integration, synchronization, and acquisition of space-relevant solutions in agile support of enduring strategic advantage for the US and its allies


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