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Visitor Information

Instructions for US Citizens

Please have your Security Office use one of the following methods to send a Visit Certification:

  2. For encrypted NIPR, please contact SAF.SQR.Security@us.af.mil for further instructions
  3. If Available: CWAN/GWAN/JWICS email from your security POC to "SAF-SPEA4SS-Security@nro.ic.gov"
  4. Message PLA: EA4SS//SSR//
  5. Secure Fax: 703-693-2458 (Please call 703-693-2291/3688 prior to faxing)
  6. Non-Secure Fax:  703-693-3773  Attn: SAF/SQ Security


For methods 2-6 above, please send the information listed below:

Type of Investigation
Investigation Conducted By
Date Investigation Completed
Type Clearance
Clearance Granting Date
Date(s) of Visit
SAF/SQ Technical POC Name/Phone


To check if clearances are on file at SAF/SQ and not expired, please contact SAF/SQ Security at 703-693-2291/3688 or send an email to SAF.SQR.Security@us.af.mil .

Instructions for Foreign Nationals

Please refer to the Clearance Passing Instructions for Foreign Nationals.


1670 Air Force Pentagon
Room 4C855
Washington, DC

Prohibited Items

The following items are prohibited within the facilities: weapons, cell phones, photographic equipment, audio and video recording equipment, personal computers, palm pilots, two-way paging devices, and magnetic media (e.g., floppy disks, CDs, thumb drives, Blackberries). These items must be turned over to the Security Staff prior to entering the facility and the Security Staff is not responsible for the storage or safekeeping of these items.

Security PoC

If you have other questions concerning an upcoming visit to us, please contact the person with whom you will be meeting or our Security Team.